Il n’y a pas d’exception musulmane en matière d’abus sexuels

Harcèlement sexuel : “Il n’y a pas d’exception musulmane en matière d’abus sexuels”

Les féministes musulmanes doivent lutter contre le machisme de la société dominante et le patriarcat du monde musulman, plaide la chercheuse Fatima Khemilat dans une tribune dans Le Monde, Dialogues, samedi 4 novembre 2017, p. 21.

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Is there such a thing as a ‘Muslim vote’ in France?


Fatima Khemilat, Sciences Po Aix

On April 8, the well-known French television show Salut les terriens turned sour when guests discussed the very sensitive topic of the so-called “French Muslim vote”.

One panelist, journalist Sonia Mabrouk, argued that Muslims in France are constantly used by opportunists, from politicians to intellectuals, as a constituency to serve their own purposes.

The incident recalled the final televised debate of France’s 2012 presidential election, when then-candidate François Hollande sparred with incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy over the “Muslim vote”.

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