POLLITT Christopher (2008), Time, Policy, Management. Governing with the Past, Oxford University Press.

“One big issue, I think, is how do we create the frameworks, procedures and incentives which will oblige our executive politicians to pay more attention to fantastically important longer term issues (e,g. climate change, technological change, demographic change) and less to what will appear on this evening’s TV news.” – Christopher Pollitt.

With this in mind, Christopher Pollitt wrote the book “Time, Policy, Management – Governing with the past” in 2008, in order to demonstrate the importance of taking into account the temporal dimension in contemporary public policy making and management. Having begun his academic life as an Oxford undergraduate in the School of Modern History, the Emeritus Professor of public management “realized that the journals in [his] field were carrying fewer and fewer historical articles”. Naturally, there are works written by historians, political scientists, sociologists and psychologists which deal directly and indirectly with temporal issues such as path dependency and cognitive biases in decision making. However, unlike most of these authors, Christopher Pollitt stresses the importance of time in relation to public policy and management. Lire la suite